Vaqueros win baseball opener against Phoenix College.

Cody Erickson laid down three, scored once.
Cody Erickson laid down three, scored once.

It was seventy and beautiful in Coolidge Tuesday afternoon and Central Arizona got a win in Coach Anthony Gilich's first game as skipper for the Vaqueros.


Freshman Dakody Clemmer threw the first 4.2 with five strikeouts, another freshman Ben Nelson threw three more and yet another freshman Christian Botnick closed out Phoenix College in the ninth and the final was 8-3. Central totaled 9 strikeouts, giving up only six hits.

MJ Hubbs hit a deep homerun to left (every homerun is long in that yard but this was really long) and Caleb Henderson and Aldo added a couple of hits as Central scored five runs in the 6th. Josh Ethier hit a two-run double, Jaime Estrada also walked twice and scored two runs, but the stat of the day was three sacrifice bunts from sophomore Cody Erickson, who also scored once.

There will be no shortage of  bunts in many disguises this year and probably no shortage of power either. To add, from the looks of these freshman pitchers, everything is going as planned so far.

A good all-around win for the Vaqueros with nice pitching and 14 players contributing in one way or another at the plate. Central has somewhat of a make-up game today at Glendale Community College at 3PM, this is the game that was rained out in Las Vegas this past weekend.